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In the absence of both president and vice-president, the meeting

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a sulpho-carbolate of zinc solution (2 grs. to 5 i) are injected.

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In other cases the feebleness of the heart's action may com-

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would seem to suggest untrustworthiness. It is difficult, for

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deliveries without special delay or trouble we unhesi-

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truded through the external wound. This may occur any time within the first

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after during several days no other but animal food had been taken. As, however, hippuric

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nent danger of immediate death, the cavity of the womb will not uiifrequently

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diarrhoea, by moderating the abnormal condition upon which it

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material placed in a clear, simple, and attractive style to refresh

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missiles, unlike the projectiles with smooth and rounded surfaces

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ing vision, but for the more important reasons of curing diseases

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F. C. Rodda, Minneapolis, left during the middle of

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death, any vascular lesion, is one of great importance

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vaginal fistula was then made with Paqueliu's cautery,

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1)|{. Sci DDKit : III the case.s I have looked over re-

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and indolence, — the heat excessive ten months in the

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shall simply have the right to receive the Journal on

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general interests of the Botanic Cause in New England and New York.

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uterus to save the mother from the danger of suppurative metritis

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medical school devoted exclusively to the scientific study and devel-

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cured once in the twenty-four hours. Most women have an inordi-

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methods such as arthrotomy with esquilectomy or partial

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and more continuous observation. Such observation on

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The mortality in the hot climates in new arrivals is chiefly due to fever,

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perficial to destroy the living membrane. The pharynx sometimes

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nary hemorrhage following an absence of the menses, we now

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rarely notices anything and is disposed to sleep. Tongue,

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perhaps fourteen inches, or at any less distance from the surface,

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cases, that they do not represent anything else than the usual run of cases

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and traversed by bands of fibrous tissue in every direction ;

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ing in the pool, its water so clear one can see through more than

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cases, becomes a poison. It acts in the blood, and produces

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The disease which terminated his life was aneurism of the aorta.

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given or not. Improvement is commonly noted when any change in the

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not complain of cardiac distress except on presf^ure.

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to editorialize against compulsory health insurance or so-

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true that they invented writing, but they before the Committee were, the investiga-

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administered. Of the remaining 5, a certain number will contract

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finally sent to work, but in a short time he was taken sick again,

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allied conditions can usually be successfully treated by the

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and embryologic examination. When the patterns of the gray cortex

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from the Philadelphia market. The professor personally

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standard preparations, which physicians use because they are so reliable, valuable, convesiient and elegant

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which a crop of small, warty excrescences was found