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the stomach and bowels I give anemeto cathartic after the operation
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lower figure being the average for women the higher for men
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parent who becomes phthisical some years after its birth cannot with
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and the so called antipyretic treatment may influence other
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reported cases in which a rather sudden lowering of the temperature
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But he could suffer as intensely from his tribes taboo
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trouble. We can not give too much attention to cleanliness
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twenty five per cent of cases of true hysteria there
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disease advances and a stage of decompensation is reached the thrill may
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substance called chyle the composition of which is albumen
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and could with difficulty drag his weight about. The
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planation but denied the truthfulness of the state
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mindful of the change which frequently occurs spontaneously or after
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have no fear that hemorrhage will subsequently occur.
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join this rapidly growing Occupational Medicine practice that is
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As we afterward learned the improvement noted above
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four times through the flame of a Bunsen burner. Special attention
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The object of Malebranche was to explain a doctrine of great
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pharynx. When the muscles of the palate are involved liquid food may
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irhen a condition of atony supervening upon irritative dyspepsia was only finally cured
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duce the septic inflammation without any other measures.
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patient was convalescent. In this case the free and early
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Dr. Alex Johnson. Senior Medical Officer Commonwealth Department of
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taken by these institutions as well as for their general good standing I
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Heretofore it has been the universal custom I believe wlien
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Case of Milky Ascitic Fluid Niswondt and Rosenzweig.
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was somewhat discursive although sparkling but he closed