hysterical condition, and, second, to the paroxysms which have been described.
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sels entering this lobe of the liver near the ulceration above described were filled
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parts of South America, but as they are of compara-
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it is much cheaper than all similar preparations. His observations
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of digitalis, as did another case where the symptoms took
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after the existence of signs which are as readily appre-
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I have no experience of potash as a prophylactic against
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be made to a degree that will absolutely control the
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same course, besides rubbing the body with cold water, and similar means.
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after resection of several ribs on account of an empyema. The
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Straits, Siam, and China are also malarial. Little is known about
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Society to meet here to-day to honor these halls with your piesence,
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" one of the best surgeons in Gloucestershire," and it is clear that he
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The first nine patients recovered, but death resulted in
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arteries were normal and the lungs negative. The abdomen showed all
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seven families of " about equal systematic value," namely —