seized with an ordinary forceps, and introduced to the desired depth.
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Hennen * calls attention to the fact that the hospital at
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story, but some revelations recently given by the Lancet
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pletely occupied by multilocular abscess cavities. There was
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and can only be received for what they are worth as recom-
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had met with a larger number of cases of ear-trouble
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by inflammation and abscess of the forearm, which, being
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unlike cocaine ; it is not extremely bitter like cocaine ; it produces
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misfortune, engagement in hazardous speculations, religious terror
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strict fast of three days, and gives his patient during this time only
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ting, even if the procedure require three fourths of an hour. The
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shoulder and scapular region are painful, especially if the cyst lies close to
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d heaoe continues unabated. When patients die in the first stages of
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not fail to embrace Hygrometrical observations in their tables.
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treated, the greater portion being out patients. On account of
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convalescence had progressed in some of the patients, so that tbey had
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been away from home at all. His wife was under treatment by Dr. Lusk for
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van in instituting measures for the destruction of rats.
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wishes well for the Profession and for this Societj' should
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kinds of sewage is constantly pouring. The emanations from this
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for boys and girls, all ages. Academic, vocational,
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feet 5 Inches ; anterior superior spines, 21 inches ; crests, 22+
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past thirty-five years he had been dean of the latter
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chondriac regions, has very little significance as indicating the character and
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chronic ulcer, on the other hand, the hemorrhage varies much. There
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feelings. The difeafe with which, in its early period, it is moft,
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was as prevalent in parts of Europe as it is throughout In-
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