31st July. Mr. Pagan, who was 23 years of age, and a most
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effected through the vagina this, he believed, would prove
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Whilst the Irish Hospital was delayed at Naauwpoort
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toxic symptoms — dryness of the throat and paralysis
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who will form themselves into a committee for the purpose of
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of blood thrown out of the ventricle with greater force through
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By James Oliver, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., Physician to the Hospital
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over sixteen hundred new cases in a year) that are lost
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the greater diameter becomes parallel to the horizontal
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physical structures are only the visible conducting media through which
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of arsenic ; transfusion on 8th March 1914, radial artery to cephalic
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case, altliougii the whole hand was cedematous, he deter-
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Whenever a iiiedieal mail st-nds a phthisical siiliject to a
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deen, where she had good friends ; and her devotion to her children,
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too. Failures he attributed to the incomplete removal of the ovary
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condition, he one evening had an alarming epileptiform
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him so severely that, it was said, he died later. Awakened
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an exjjosition is the more necessary since even in these latter daj's
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inserted on successive times as the flow lessens until the
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opened a village hospital in that place, had a room
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likely due to the action of gravity opposing the regurgitation. In fact,
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neonatorum. From Dr. Harlan's clinic, Wills' Hospital. Photo-
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made a brilliant success of it, and I think he is greatly to be