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health may be lowered by the continuous production of pus. In extensive

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tuberculization in the child already the subject of tuberculosis

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the characters of the white corpuscle of the blood espe

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and the vessels which are chiefly apt to suffer are those which

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persons suffering from disease to guide them toward a natural

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ical profession report radical cures of diphtheritic

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although Sir W. Jenner is opposed to the belief of such lesions being

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know that Judge Tuthill and I disagree so much if we could

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ment. Simply placing the uterus in position will do no good. In addition

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the expectoration constituting the most ominous signs of approaching dis

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that it so frequently needs to be readjusted and repaired our

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was so poor that the idea of amputation at the hip joint

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or transude through the walls of the vessels especially in the

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called to a lady who had just taken soineof Sir V. Hurnett s

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is not principally produced by the mechanical irritation oi the

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diagnosis was confirmed at autopsy. London s Sir Rickman Godlee nephew of

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at the time of the operation to report any recurrence.

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min in the urine was often discovered. On the third

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earthy phosphates is produced or if the liquid previously contained a

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in which the tissue of the organ is more or less injured withoat

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hind the pupil. They are likewise called cataracta

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by the bloodvessels and by the lacteals of the stomach

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superior position to make Manila a thoroughly sanitary

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coal mines near Dresden the species are described as giving those

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ranza as to whether he will not lift the ban against

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moral as well as the physical are involved. The whole man is sick.

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most important steps in the furthering of child welfare will come

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this city in whose hands he would be very sorry to see

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element has been incorporated in the kidney tubule itself and therefore has