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Such conclusions however appear doubtful to the bacteriologist when

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not only because of their frequency but because they are peculiar inasmuch

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the subject of senile changes. Infantilism and senilism

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the opposite side a single drop of the indicator. By inclining the

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birth should immediately receive a hypodermic dose of c.c to

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the operation McCosh after removing some of its contents Mayland

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two great problems in physiology namely the problem of

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declare that the teachings of the Galton school are

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twenty ounces of blood may be taken slowly from the

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litic cases. One patient put down as rheumatic iritis had

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The application was repeated on January th and patient

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ever new portions of food in contact with the mucosa they encourage

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a recurrence of the attacks or to mitigate th severity.

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conclusion is reached by averaging the authorities as repre

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after careful and thorough removal of the ovaries renders it ex

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the spasticity tendon and superficial reflexes disappear and the sphincters

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gauze. The former permit a most extensive dissection

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the duration of the condition in some quite recent cases a large

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Diseases of tlie Eye. A Handbook of Ophthalmic Practk

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of the blood is generally prolonged during the acute

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August S. After twenty days treatment with EI the patients

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extent within the cells in groups or nests and thus produce the

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be due to inanition and exhaustion. In other cases a fatal termination is

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On the lower floor of the building three of the recitation rooms

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tory exudation containing considerable flocculent lymj. The surface of

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had had opportunities for laboratory and clinical study for

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is diseased the infection of the second eye should be carefully

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it for granted not only that disease was curable but that

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determining factors. Fraenkel stated that postoper

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portant lesions as pericarditis and pleurisy and some among

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time the pains in the lower limbs returned. Some months later a tumor

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tion and especially if there are indications or a predisposition

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Vulva Condyloma simplex. Three instances were recorded. In each

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right buttock was an aneurism. Mr. Keate at first had

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struction of tissue with disintegration and absorp