symptomatology of urethro vaginal and vesico-vazinal fis-
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A Fine Fit.— This is what French, the Tailor, 202 N. 8th St., St,
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that which calls forth contraction. Muscular repose is the
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a complication of diabetes when it appears, for it soon stands
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the committee of the congress had rescinded its decision.
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Autopsy.— Fracture of the body (transverse) and articular processes of the 6th cerv.
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that these lesions have been discovered coincident with vis-
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the intestines by preventing fermentation and absorption of
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into several fragments, they can be seized singly by the forceps, and
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disease of the kidneys may be cited as an example. It is still a mooted
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opposing forces would continue to operate till its contractility became
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turns up upon the posterior or concave side in a contorted
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raise this branch of medicine also from the realm of hy-
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not more than one-third the normal size. All vessels tortuous,
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adventitia and intima, and also curious modifications of the villi, con-
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8. — Van der Laan reports a traumatic pancreatic cyst
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require. MM. Brouardel and Proust arrived on Tuesday,
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by an irritation of the centers controling the muscles of the neck 3
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some degree of success. Koch and others have carved
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Dr. Allard : I would like to ask Dr. Douglas if patients
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vital operations of nutrition like the inorganic substances, which are un-
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In this investigation, one hundred and seventeen experiments were per-
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New York. In such cases, also, depletory transfusion
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sition is hereditary and very strongly existing, it must be ad-
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bronAitis, which is the chief cause of obstruction of the minuter bronchi
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zene influences the anaphylactic reaction in actively prepared animals,
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Ur. William Au.mstR'>x«'s, No. 193, Lombard Street, T'hiladelphia,
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readers than a discussion of some more strictly professional topic.
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Continental writers, especially, describe a form of measles called by
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feebly, but the cord never ceased to beat markedly. It
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Stuptohs and Coubse. — ^The most conspicuous and remarkable
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confidence recommend it to the notice of the clinician, the pathologist,