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carbolici, gtt. ij ; bismuthi subnitratis, ^ j ; aquie

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All i^apers 'ihould l>e ty|>e\vritton, and each member furnishing a i^per

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\vrithed as usual in the death- chair and four contacts were

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tissue was subdivided into a number of blocks, as far as possible

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the result. Dr. Getz believes that no other plan of treat-

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administration your patient becomes satu- | of pulling out the nail, or any other mode

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after-treatment of any adenoid operation I think desi-

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appear less susceptible to syphilitic infection than other persons who are not

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are to be kept in mind. Heating the urine, if it be alkaline, sometimes

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brain. The lateral columns of the cord terminate on a level with the vagus, which is inti-

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were lessened for a time and heart patients were encour-

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more liable to fall sick than those in the adjoining houses — ^those who are

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A Clinical Lecture delivered at the Hospital of the University

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Visiting Physician, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow ;

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found effective, proving that its mucous membrane was

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with the agreges, conduct all the examinations of the Faculty ;

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difiiculty the gold medal which is annually granted to the

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They are less audible anteriorly on the right side, and still less so pos-

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fungi, kysts, &c. They are the result of a chronic irritation,

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and to direct him to report to the commanding general, depart-

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desires to be cured and does not intend his cries to be regarded. How-

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Their delusions are not systematised ; and their actions are not necessarily

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sion by the Ivlebs-Loflfler bacillus in diphtheria of the oesophagus, throat,

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phagia, and theocsophagoscope. In treating this condition

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profession at large. This is manifest from the fact that there

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a paper on this subject. In Paris, he said, wine had been the

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important function, than is possessed by the other portions of the

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stance which is always and everywhere a poison. The

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mation of this organ occurs in the dcute form, it is

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purpose of j^ re venting the congestion of the brain which

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[3] Bile in Urine in Cholffimia : Jacob, Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1910, iii (Clin. Sect.), p. 157.

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(the scythe being at a right angle to the handle), draw the

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vigorous manipulation, fixation for a time in the over-corrected position

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California, San Diego, School of Medicine (M-017), La Jolla 92093.

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