an officer's horse, but that for the past few days he had
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stored during the fever passing through the blood, when,
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exist in the mule. I have never seen a case in my experience.
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used. The child stood the operation well and was not shocked. His progress after
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Sec. I. — The affairs of life, the pursuit of health, and the various accidents
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t> Ibid. 158. « Ibid, -i Delle malattic delle mam-
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in regard to dysmenorrhoea, but confine myself strictly to the
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if practised, useless. Ail of the operations i^roved
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reminds one of the dictum of Dr. R. A. Witthaus, that atropine
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the capitultim of the hyoid bone ; the aryteno-cpiglottic, or as
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instance the child was still under treatment at the
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me an abstract. There is only one point in connection
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tion which he calls " white pneumonia," and he subscribes to the pre-
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fession, and will feel obliged if the readers of this Journal
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3. Seneff MG, Corwin RW, Gold LH, Irwin RS: Complications associated
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for the United States, Canada and Mexico ; $6.56 per year for all for-
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Xonne's " Syphilis and the Nervous System," p. 383.
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be so difficult, and the tendency would be to increase both the
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bedridden for months, suffering from advanced tuberculous disease
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' these eliminated, the profit would be greater. Our
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containing tissue are intimately mixed, as in cedema, early pneumonia, etc.
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In order to facilitate the exploration of the parts, the aid situated
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six patients, from 2 per cent of the healthy contacts, and from the
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days and then slowly diminishes, a yellow tinge being often visible
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determined, it was found that much more had become deposited than
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1. Ballina, J. B., and Chiodi, N. E. : Ovarian pregnancy. Am.
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rial feels at liberty to arrange it as suits his con-
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and some general remarks on inhalation, the properties and preparation of chloroibrm,
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chill corresponds to the time at which large doses of toxin are absorbed into
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Metzgar, Richard S., Ph.D. (Buffalo, 1959), Associate Professor
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knife (Graefe's puncture the cyst, and gently squeeze out the
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authors differed in their views on this subject. As to
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indicated. During tlie intervening years up to the present time
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excursion of the diaphragm or of the chest is often observed on inspection. If
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longitudinal muscular coat of the bowel, and retaining for the
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wards of the Hosptal; but while in one case Bertoni's ether
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of the arm to the elbow. He also had numbness along the ulnar
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bility of reaching the primary bronchus by dissection
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