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the four years of professional study required. There are

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attachment to the vastus externus and vastus internus.

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ance with its phenomena is useful even in a physiological point of view.

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atrophy of the kidney. When the ureters and the pelvis are dilated and

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the treatment of individual cases according to the direc

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from the history could be supposed to have done so.

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group of affections. All of the diseases of the breast are

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Sir I unintentionally did injustice in my last letter

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public health demands that all needful laws for the purpose of

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October after which Osborn removed to Indiana where he resided

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history of the fatal cases with a brief report of one other

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The following night the patient became delirious and very restless his motions were

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a few notes may be added here. Findlay was born in Glasgow

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mortem appearances presented by the eleven cases that terminated fatally. Here

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cracked ice until smooth and velvety. Pour into a mould

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views of Professor Loschner and Lambl both Physicians to

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The hepatic dulness was within the limits of the normal

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upon the presence in the latter of the mechanical stimulation of impact.

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used for similar diseases and mostly with good effect.

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proved methods of treatment is sufficient apology for what

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The Secretary announced the committees which had been

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