.Medicine and Surgery and ordered to the .New Ham|)Hbiro.
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unhealthy forms of inflammation; all of which properties, I am
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is pinched ; the skin is dry, harsh, and wrinkled ; the pulse small, quick,
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Muscular exertion enormously increases the amount of fat which
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ladies," he said, " attending separate classes, taught by Uni-
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was always regular, lasting three to four days, moderate
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him for several hours. We finally discovered him on the bank of the creek
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tVt>(> I'loiii diseases of tlie ij;astro-intestiiial Irai-t, and ivcii
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Case No. 2. The patient I desire to exhibit to you tonight presents the follow-
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plantain by a simple process, and one which does not necessitate
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applications may be employed if agreeable to the patient.
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quantity of coagulated blood in longitudinal sinus. Dura mater
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required a 0.5 D., 261 required only a 0.25 D. cylindrical
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the active exertions necessitated by the duties of life tend to
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or should be conjoined with it. Iron, aloes and myrrh, in com-
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it the alkaline carbonates, whose otflce is to hold the flbrine in
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• See Le Clerc's Eistoire de la Medecine, Amsterdam, 1723.
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but by the second or third week usually increase to above normal (one case
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fevers, there is also a great liability to local inflamma-
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Northern, 2 p.m. ; St. Thomas's, 1^ p.m. ; Ophthalmic Hospital, South-
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name of truth and man, let it prohibit. too advanced for our day. I think not. I
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sider whether or not it is advisable to ligate the external
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lular tissue, the smaller cysts adherent to the walls of the larger. There
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were administered, but no quinine given, certainty by its use alone.
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palpation, find slight protuberances or even fluctuation. Icterus is not
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to what part of the body, and to whom it is applied, the skin being more de-
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verse fissure is an inch and a half in extent. Tlie fossa of the
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importance, as perforation is often the result of the
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being made the organ of the State Society. It intimates
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pigeon opium by the mouth, and it does not die, prob-
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It gives me great pleasure to say, based upon a somewhat extensive
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cautions of the present day are, however, much more