excretory ducts of the renal organs become irritated by the
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of understanding how the power of transmitting acquired
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— some practical hint or some scientific fact which gives him a
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dose to be resorted to — the medical attendant keeping in mind the possibil-
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The author states that the illustrations are from patients
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veDOUs abdominal pletbora, dependent on drrbosis of tbe liver, is im-
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process. The bacillus he discovers here is merely the nutritive
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under ordinary conditions the Diplococcus pneumoniae
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a surgeon in New Orleans to make an artificial opening through the iris, but
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protecting the cystin radical from oxidation. Doubtless there are vary-
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nation on one subject, at his option, viz: — 1. Translation of a
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Pancreatitis — Parasites; Echinococcus — Typhoid
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petite poor ; greatly emaciated ; scarcely able to walk.
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health more readily, from a greater susceptibility to
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charges should be made, ard such disinfection prac-
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See, also, Brown (Alexander Cruni) & Fraser (T. R.)
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throws out a shell with a muzzle velocity of 2360 ft. per second or
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forty-five. The stories are both preposterous and impos-
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patient there was a progressive decrease of urinary indican excretion.
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the more susceptible any species of animals was to the
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in the interests of the student, whose mental capacity is unfortunately
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( I to 5,000), are used in cystitis. Professor Guyon also
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No. 2 was a case of rodent cancer of the face of nine years' standing,
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Hospitals, being most common in military Surgery ; whilst
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the serum treatment of plague in general and of the
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:he physiological needs of the child having been long surpassed, the
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no sensible effect. Common antiphlogistic remedies, however,
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ease certainly dated from as far back as 1886. The ac-
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to a small s[)aee at the sunnuit on one side, has the same significance, being
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patient is in a recumbent position a current at a pressure of
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effected by a spontaneous or a forced evacuation, by vomiting, by
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to suppose there is undigested food in the stomach, a
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ing the above papers, referred to the dispute as to the
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account of recent German investigations in this department of physiology,
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below it. MacNaughton Jones states that the essential— as it
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was situated ; 17 patients came from one street, and
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opening the sheath behind and then transplanting the
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Depariment for Diseases of the Throat and Nose. —
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though intermarriages are interdicted by the custom of those countries. He
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mate. In operation cases these douches were repeated
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former." "It is now satisfactorily ascertained that the vessels of
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tremely slight.' The British Royal Commission found that one-third of the
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the sober portion of the community, and that portion which
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example of ureteric disease. Comparative anatomy was