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first-class physicians not to allow the slightest kind of
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marks: '^ In the cases where the clinical picture of the disease is in-
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Pathological Anatomy. — There is catarrhal inflammation
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protargol is adapted. It bids fair to supersede the latter,
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MP^DICINKS, together with a large supply of Roots, Barks, and Herbs put up by
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the macronucleus is somatic and trophic in its function, while the
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if the bill became law the medical profession should
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could win a contested divorce diminished greatly. According to the
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No effect was observed as a result of the use of tuberculinic acid ;
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could not be readily found, feeling that discretion is a better part of
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died, and I could learn nothing about it from dissection. But
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with a good personal and family history. In the summer
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culating surface of the head of the astragalus, producing in the
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increases the internal congestion, may be attended with such efiusions of the liqior
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and 1896 with 265 recoveries and 136 deaths, a death-rate of
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April 15, 1863 (politely sent to me by the publisher), has an article on
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mentally produced in an egg in the same way. In a number
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exceed ten to fifteen minims of the fluid extract, or two
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Fowler-Murphy treatment does not enter into the opera-
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confirmed the ancient observations. The results may be briefly
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majority of thoughtful physicians who have studied caI^
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facts must be ignored. Dr. Tliurnam has cited the illusuious I
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food, or an overcrowded and really unclean population ; for it
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evidently at home the various animals. As we remarked before,
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causes neither a greater nor less consumption of nitro-
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Hicks, Isham F, Dunn, N. C, Med. Coll, 1902 1902 1904
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full, and the inflammation subsides, the effusion may be reab-
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adhesions, and the converse of this may be stated in more forceful
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pari of the canal is wider than the anterior, and is readily dilatable to a
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potassium with steel and very small doses of strychnine and cod-
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for vaccination. At present the lymph is prepared by
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employment of serum injections when streptococcic infection
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but our radiologists indicated that the contrast was
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zealous personality present him with this loving-cup,
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farts ratlin- than with theories, albeit this is an era of the-
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left kidney was also greatly enlarged, and its pelvis was distended by a calcu-
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The First District Dental Society of the State of New