that the number of inhabitants of a district is 7000, what i*
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As a means of preventing the spread of the disease and the increase
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among these cases of Csesarean section, from letting the uterus
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position of leg and how the the bed should be arranged. 35. How would you
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If the hypertrophy have been induced by an impediment to the circu-
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unfortunately, often reflects a darker side. The notion
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physiological process, and therefore incapable of pro-
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We are perfectly well aware of the fact — and properly proud
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represents cod liver oil in its full medicinal value.
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in utero with Frankel's diplococcus." The child was
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when judiciously prescribed, in both hemiplegic and paraplegic
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loss of consciousness, and due either to the breaking or blocking up of a b^MM:-
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cases were operated on when in arHcuh mortis^ and then
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obtained by Professors Ferrier and Yeo, on'tbe motor roots of the nerves of the extremities
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condition of health, and the progress of his lung condition. The i)atient should
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bulk of Orthopedic work is done on the young, and really is
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plained a day or two of cold. The respiration is loud and hurried ; the
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the more solid and complete forms of the skeleton presented by the
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skin, feeble digestion, muscular and nervous debility. The only
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persons, the sea bath as ordinarily taken is apt to re-
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subsequent history of the disease, plainly includes
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the authorities of any other Hospital : it transformed the objects
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as the closing paper of the meeting, an almost startling
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volved by means of a clockwork at its base. The drum slides on a
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lacerated, and appear blackened, as if they had been burnt : this arises from
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observations from the physiologic laboratories. ^Slore and more
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whom there was no good evidence of a previous attack of
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to the third or fourth day, and in chronic cases much longer.
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Flexor brevis digitorum pedis. — Origin, great tuberosity of os
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Child and the Community. Presented by Richard Living-
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very few sprains of the joints which are not accompanied
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24. — Fischorder conducted a series of experiments on