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typhoid bacilli and thus rescue the patient much earlier
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ficially immune. A very potent immunity can be produced
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Tbroat. Report on progress in the treatment of diseases of the throat.
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As he was not relieved by the ordinary remedies I was
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his observations upon tubercular meningitis. Together with M. Rufz
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consideration was thus far a negative one. It seemed
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of greater speculative interest than practical importance.
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there will be laceration more or less of the tendon
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days without noticing any bad symptoms afterwards. Several
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have a beneficial influence upon the sanitary condition of the country
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softening of the parenchyma to hypertrophy or to uterine tumours
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requisite to retain the fragments by means of a plate once
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oil followed by upward pressure on the offending body will often
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stant and should be disregarded.. Perfect recovery may
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decide on the first examination whether an ulceration was present