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Seventy-nine cultures in all were made. All cultures

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can only be effected by the influence of the carbonates."

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ated. He had a double Babin8(ki, equal on both sides, but no clonus

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them lies in the fact that the treatment is mostly in the hands of

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to little or no external sign of inflammatory disturbance. The

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the digestive disturbances. It is further strengthened when the motor

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part as a sign of fracture (d" the base of the skull. In a case admitted

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could not find the trypanosoma in the cerebrospinal fluid, even though

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claimed to employ the rattlesnake oil in his practice.

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but in the intervals between; and whether there have been labour

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symptoms of a gastric, bilious, or catarrhal fever, which we shall here-

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Whenever a patient has to rise two, three, or more times in the

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vers, as Bignami noticed, this hsemosiderin pigmentation is so intense

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all cases where the muscular debility is great, and there is a tendency to

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mucous membrane is scanty and mucous. Hence, in adults, this dis-

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not interfered with early ; they become inflamed, and the part

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it died at 4 P. M., about twelve hours after the disease was fully developed.

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in a large percentage of cases, and it may simulate ptosis because

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discussed by proper treatment, it should be opened with

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Ever since the cause of the action of the heart has been referred

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proved the needed stimulant to secure uterine contraction.

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heat in the stomach, and cramp in her legs ; her pulse at this lime being

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argument, and has so close a relation to observations

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before estimated term. In both instances the children lived.

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the hygienic management of diseases has not been, and is not, adequately

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