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and third by causing a subsequent atrophy of the gland
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interesting to note that in two instances operation was undertaken for
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morphia subcutaneously bringing the pulse down again
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struck with the fact that nearly all the contributions have appeared
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of the process and although I may indeed do it involuntarily still
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the pneumogastric nerve becomes irritated thereby the irritation ex
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but autopsies sliowed an entire absence of all lesions in
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one being six and the other three years of age. When each
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process is slow and prosaic but the benefit cannot be
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tions of the several operations in embryotomy. Teach
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TABLE Rates of camp fever in the armies of the United
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tains no dormitories but room and board may be obtained within
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in the chest. He went to the hospital where he died two hours
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The reactions we are describing while agreeing in the main
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softened in boiling water and put on in a thin muslin
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attacked older sojourners more severely and the natives
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but to tell ourselves what we think rather a proposition
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usually takes place in the squamous portion of the temporal or along
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muscle fibers running from the termination of the sac
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Storch and v. Kahlden consider that inflammatory oedema is sufficient alone
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point with a non conducting material and having a metallic connec
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called bright pupils were bright merely because they
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vided for by ingenious contrivances all of which we understand are found
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due to an actual increase in its muscular growth and
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magnitude to their full growth j and applies his experiments
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so that its scaphoid articular facet looks inwards. The axis
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houses there were nurses to dress the sores of the lepers but
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occasional noise like the crepitus of certain dislocations.