because of the persistence of the Wassermann reaction in the blood-serum.

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this point, that the coagulation of the blood becomes diminished under such cir-

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since it clearly demonstrates the correctness of Laennec's view, that

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With respect to respiration and the state of the pulse in meningitis, there is

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tizing animals without being itself poisonous; the work here presented by

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of the other 115 charts showed more or less of the same thing.

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common. Grave anemia of oligochromemic type may be present

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4. The etiology is manifold, but the inflammatory causes are

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as to histological detail. By most investigators the formation of

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In order to determine whether the central cardiac inhibitory

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moves every disease; it pervades all parts of the body, cures vertigo,

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In some cases the blood is effused on the surface of the brain, in others into its

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Icrebs de'^ kinder, boater canker, gangrenous apthcc. In this form of mortification,

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constitution a strong tendency to dropsy is very apparent, and, to my mind, if

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with this view inserted one needle in the upper part of the back of the neck,

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The influence of season and climate upon these affections is very appa-

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have executed the tasks assigned to them. We have had occasion several

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in the contents of the small intestines, or from the fseces.

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same parallels in the Northern Division of the United States; and if we

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birth of the children, and might have occurred but a short time previous.

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organism. In two other cultural attempts the organism has been

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and 12lh of December, 1835, and published in accordance with a Resolu-

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doctrines ofthe Rosicrucians, or Brothers of the Rosy Cross, a sect of

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in the right lobe of the liver, about one-half inch from the surface, con-

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1912. There was one blood-culture, with negative result. There was a

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No doubt could now exist, that the malady was the true carbunculous affection.

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sane, but in the incurable cells, when treated properly from the com-

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been no adhesions during life. The heart was so shrunk and flattened, that it

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Mr. Guthrie's ointment of the nitrate of silver, was not employed

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avowed by the learned and most industrious reporter, and we see no

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to maintain their blood-pressure within wide limits was emphasized

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The motility of the stomach is quite good, but notwithstanding this, at

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Warthin, A. C, heredity with reference to carcinoma, 35

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as previously observed and noted by Plummer, it was shown that

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observations chiefly to tl.e first count of the indictment, which charged

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Case V. — Observed from July 14 to October 8, 1910. There were three

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drowning, carcinoma, and other wholly unrelated diseases. The