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J. E. can obtain information regarding the army and navy medical examinations by

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have been killed in the present war, or who may die of their wounds.

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the children of a tailor, whose workshop adjoined and opened into the

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showing by means of coloured discs the death-rate for males, females,

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shall comply with such other regulations as are required by the Bye-

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Mr. A\'heelhouse then performed Amussat's operation of Colotomy

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matory complications are often not made with sufficient care and minute-

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posed, if carefully carried out, Mr. Jordan had never known to fail. The

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pital or Medical Institution recognised by this University, and of having

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limb.*' Through the side of the reservoir, and a little above the bottom,

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regulations for the year 1856-57 attest the trjti of what I have here

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very powerful and innocuous antiseptic. Experiments had been made

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obviated by lengthening of the lower conjoined ribs and cartilages, by

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bladder or the ductus communis choledochus into the duodenum,

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find, from his obsen'ations, that there is a probability of an early

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The characters of the relapsing fever are very similar to those

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Vics-Presidejtls: ]. Steven, M.D. ; James Stewart, M.D. Council: D.

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phlegmonous eiysipelas of the limb, ending in death seven weeks after

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pursuing his Medical Studies, and not of sufficient standing to proceed

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who arrived also about this time. I cordially endorse what he has

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ing it with every appliance for the collection and treatment of the sick

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a fire goes out when its fuel is exhausted, so as surely the fire and light

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The division of labour very generally established is a great aid in the