worth noticing. There were some bitter principles that
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which from the beginning to the end of the disease we find very few
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beiden vorderen Stiitzpuiikte des Fuasi;ewolbcs. Ibid.,
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Ulceration of these parts very frequently takes place (in enteric fever and
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plate of the frontal bone was necrosed and perforated ; a probe
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of the particular operation, as well as the prognosis, have been
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Pott's fracture of the leg, and another with numerous bruises,
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discriminating reader cannot fail to take away with him,
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lymphatics or blood vessels be accepted as a possi-
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tions employed in abdominal sections. Here the obstruction is due to an ac-
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8. Magnus-Levy: Ztschr. f. klin. Med., 1897, xxxiii, 269; Ibid.. 1906, lx, 177.
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was known of the pathology of the disease was next reviewed. Two things were
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tember, or beginning of October, that the state of the creek becomes
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apt as any one else to think his specialty of too great im-
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these children. And this is also indubitably true in regard to bru-
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other peculiarities of this kind which cannot be dwelt
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effects of the action of castor-oil so much better attested than the
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males and 4 in females. Two patients were under twenty years old; 7 were
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results from such use. Others," however, have failed to confirm
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everybody — and it is this: Artificial feeding of infants has made
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numerous holes at the side, all being within a distance of
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"heavy." From the very exigencies of the case, it ohanges its style
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scarcely been outgrown. A disease which affects the oper^
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became perceptible, and increased to 130. His colour improved, and he
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and died a few hours after onset. It was with the great-
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urgency to urinate and minipress
appearance between the third and fifth days and is of variable intensity,
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extreme shock suspend the anesthetic, lower the head,