a thin inner one called the germinal or mother mem-
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insipid and almost inodorous ; heavier than water, and not very
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endoplasm but which contained a well-defined nucleus and formed cysts
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brain, of the heart, or of the secretion of bile, urine, &c. —
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1871: called attention to the retention of the enzyme urase by
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the gum, which is the primary seat of infection. Tuberculous disease
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Relation of Glycosuria and Tabes. — Strauss (2Vm-
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regulations as regards preliminary education as medical students, but
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recommends eight to ten days' energetic treatment before operation,
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stock, 1852, the oldest practicing physician in Lawrence, Mass.,
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discoloration of the skin which follows prolonged exposure to
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lauf, etc. Russian, Jaswa (boil-plague). Italian, Antrace. Spanish, Car-
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appendix passes into a right-sided hernial sac leads the author to say
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for such he has termed them, 9 cases which give promise
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tion experiments with bouillon cultures of B. cholerx suis has been
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gen, and nitrogen have a much more exalted role to perform in the animal
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to arise in this disease, since the stage of coma is of comparatively short
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ment of large sums of money by merely tasting a specimen of tea.
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vana, that cases made their appearance at the gateway of
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loath to marry one who was beneath her; yet she wed him
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demic. Three months after its subsidence, 506 more cultures
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an inclination to the right ; at the same time, the
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within 12 hours of each other, belonging to a butcher living at Sive's-
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the unvaccinated, and from 8 to 10 per cent, among the vaccinated.
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catheterized and 5 c.c. of a 2 per cent, solution of
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the bronchial mucous membrane, which so often complicate intermitting
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Now, I have given a short description of the ideal nurse for
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the removal of the spasm, palpitation of the heart,
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The general infective, skin, and venereal and non-venereal dis-
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their free ends covered with granulations in which the gonococcus
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