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sobre Fernando P6o. Ibid., 1898, xsi, 137-141. — ITIon-

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from the cortical lesions ending in sclero-gummatous meningoencephalitis.

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the disease, termed p. infantilis, is occasionally met with in new-bom

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der the X-ray treatment and then relapsed. The leukocytes numbered about

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of the right kidney." The urine contained neither albumin nor pus. Monod per-

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The evening before she left she walked with a nurse through

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tion in rheumatic and gout3npain8, cnilblains, etc.

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showing submucus infiltration. Local application through the endoscope

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That it is in the nature of a specific morbid poison seems probable,

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al studies were commenced and prosecuted with great confidence in the

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pounds in our own offices. In this way. we may become as-

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they are not found in other conditions in which the blood is

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wise. It is being largely experimented in Paris at the

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favour of cardiac dilatation. When the dullness is only slightly increased

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understand the wherefore of the linear distribution. Frequently, it is

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abdominal pain, localized after twelve hours in right

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Arterial and venous blood, distinction between . . .139

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H. EDWIN LEWIS, M. D., Managing Editor IRA S. WILE, M. D., Associate Editor

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arterio-sclerotic origin, since the larger vessels are unaffected.

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