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increases in exercise tolerance, probably due to its ability to

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When an inflamed Joint, acute or chronic, will permit the two surfaces

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will be applied, but on account of her considerable ansemia I shall give

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white birth rate in this State is 32,2. The white death rate, 11.2. The

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Mr. J. Brendon Curgenven, 11, Craven-hill-gardens, Bays-

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than in tonsilitis ; the debility is marked later on.

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graduate medical instruction, the leading members of the profession in Washington

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methods employed by Claypon and Starling were as follows. They first deter-

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ease. The following " soloid " products have been introduced

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Sufficiently Respect the Principles of Medical Ethics? Drs Amidon and

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ciety/ voL xvii, p. 421 : and the fissured state of the Ups» illustrated by a woodcut.

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trace. It is sometimes very troublesome, but may be eradicated through