by isolating the entire unit and preventing its mingling with other
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across the back to the elbow (Fig. 222). It covers the point of the
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Catgut, when used in my experiments, relaxed after two or
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medicine, should be given at the special sanitary asy-
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articulation. Pulse 150, and very feeble ; respirations
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at large there was an unusual degree of depression of the nervous
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the soft parts, however, closed by first intention, and
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1930. •Pendergrass, Eugene P., Radiology Dept., University Hospital, 3400 Spruce St. (19104)
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scarcely conceive of a case calling for the distal operation, in which the subcla-
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essentially progressive in character, the varying tenacity of
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Medical Society of the State of, 135, 163; New York Neurologi-
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the incidence of cases of yellow fever was proportionately much greater
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Cliloride of sodium, or common table salt, in ten to twenty grain
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if the lungs, pain, bloody sputum and signs of consolidation, if the skin,
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which Broussais attacked his ancient friend and master, has justly
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The ship never enjoys to any extent the comparative pro-
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from this unauthorized treatment, neither in truth nor from
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anxiety. The significance of gallop-rhythm, so far as a fatal issue is con-
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him practice which he otherwise would not have had. He
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Complications of slow development are seldom met with in
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necessary at any time to wear a shoe which shall exclude
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By Henry H. Head, M.D., Physician to the Adelaide Hospital.
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termediate-strength purified protein derivative (PPD) is
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Similar observations have been made by Theobald Smith. These intestinal
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observed in the course of abdominal typhus, one died of pneu-
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Less commonly the embryo is normally developed, but dies
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filled, or over-filled, with secretion, seem at some points to rupture occasionally,
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it into a dough ball with water; tie it tightly in a
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the remedy. Relapse, after long freedom from convulsion, often follows
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haps, have scientific men differed more than on the theory of
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Virg-inia Beach. Observations upon the sanitary advantages of
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occurs with cocaine. The anesthesia lasts twenty to thirty min-
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left side of the face was weak, the soft palate was completely paralysed,
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cies that descend from the grand parents, or skip a genera-
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Where underground drains exist, these must be flushed
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Brain, abscess of, 296 ; a large, 557 ; cortex and cranial
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the statement that consumption in children is often the result
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for a long time ; the obliteration is effected by the
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cellular structure taken up, is little disturbed. In the impres-
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pass the lower end of the intestintim rectum. Its use
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one o'clock at the City Hall, Canton, Ohio. The program was as follows:
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teid, in a case of interstitial nephritis with fatty degen-
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Eeduce the fluid by boiling to two pints, and strain. A teacup-
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traction is released, or else there is a short cord, or else the cord is