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giddiness rapid pulse and respiration nervous excite

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each evacuation the external genitals must be cleansed

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It is certainly the duty of parents to be careful in bringing

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spring and summer had been remarkably dry. This epidemic

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proceeding was delayed and the matter found its way into the articula

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Case recovered in about five weeks after quite profuse

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ectomy are the radical surgical methods which are sometimes

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which are shown in Table which gives a list of the substances

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generally pays no attention to this trouble until it causes dropsy of the

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made in the morning and the patient encouraged to take

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entirely. The causes of this fever may be laid down as those for

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a reason why man should establish more than a brutal mastery over the

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taken to limit the spread of the disease as quickly as possible.

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tion. If he is unable to obtain refreshing sleep in four or five

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dose used might fairly compensate for any possible lack of sensibility. He

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form met with in some animals at other times it is more compressed

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titioner of medicine or of any of its branches without

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that to make the cut surfaces offer the broadest possible

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some of these little bodies must have occurred. Possibly if a closer

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acted on by fresh ferment though the action is markedly inhibited.

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disease was the presence of a patch of papules pre

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of nephritis that came on after catching cold. From

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number of adults who never had the disease and expose them with

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and affect one side of the body more than the other.

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primary bunales are collected in larger bundles and on the surface of

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BONNIE LEE STRAIN Assistant in Psychiatric Social Work.

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Myogram No. i. Direct current interrupted with metronome forty

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