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This was fully brought out before the Epidemiological Society in the 1904-5

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Pennsylvania Hospital, kc. kc. Illustrated with engravings on wood. Second

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M. D., Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy in the Jeflerson Medical College, Philadelphia.

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part of its extent free from adhesions, but the pleural

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obstetrics as a specialty has placed before the general practitioner the

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chest; ulcers upon the mouth and tongue; fauces red and ulcerated.

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cations by land with places in which the disease prevails.

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anasmic patients I combine the aloes with the sulphate of iron. In the

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New York, N. Y., and report to Surgeon G. W. Stoner for duty-

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F. (65 ° C). This point is very easily ascertained, for no liquid can

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9. Cardiac and Vascular Tonic— Sir Lauder Brunton and bir

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stated, but rather it is the result of an adynamic state of

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As regards the question of artificial infant feeding,

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yet in the red cells are almost always ring-forms (PI. 7, Figs. 18 and 20, PI. 5, Fig

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The President — Yes, I fancy the Council will be quite willing to give permission.

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The laboratory was established in 1902 as one of eleven similar

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- The second opening is for a noninvasive specialist.

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rwoveretl her usual health. This patient had several recnrrences of tk

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cess which i.s described as "sleepiness," or sometimes by a more analogous

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I need scarcely add, important not to lose sight of the

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at all, but certainly where children are concerned it is not very useful.

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milk may be produced by certain of the lactic-acid bacteria, espe-

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9 weeks. Paraplegia ; anesthesia most marked on the right ; some

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while pneumonia must be regarded as one the later syphilic

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The following table gives the results of the quantitative analyses for

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" A weak solution of the powder was made, by boiling it

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From the antei'ior and lingual face of the epiglottis,

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seen in which the lips and a piece of the tongue have

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gemfibrozil produced a significant increase in only the

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Symptoms. — Chronic encephalitis^of infancy may show several clinical

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you think it can be done." I assured him it could. On the fourth

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right deny this privilege to the State. In its sovereign

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to the applicability of cistern puncture to infants, and because, as

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ire can he cured. Whatever the nature of the tumour

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the burnt sugar to your taste. This will be a cheap and very

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